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Welcome To Payment Surf

We are a paid to surf program. If you have not been a user of one before we'll explain. We have the ability to help you generate revenue from your website. If you are looking to maximize your traffic with explosive results you have come to the right place. Our goal is for YOU to make money.

You can advertise on our pages at a cost. If you are interested please sign up!

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For the experienced users we`ll go in to a little more detail. Once you register you MUST login to your account DAILY and surf, or view ads from other members. This is why they pay for advertising. When you purchase ads, rest assured that your ads WILL BE SEEN by our members. You must surf at least 200 sites to be paid your daily earnings. Monthly withdrawals.

If you are interested, please join us, thank you.

Earn money

   Surf daily to earn
   5% referral commissions
   0.10$ for every active referral
   Monthly Cash Out


   Promote your sites
   Banners ads instantly
   Get hits and clicks
   Get new referrals